Bath Contemporary Artists Fair


BCAF is delighted to open its second season of artists fairs in Bath. We are committed to bringing the best of contemporary art from the city and beyond right to the heart of Bath including fine art, photography, sculpture, textiles and much more.

"The newly formed Bath Contemporary Artists Fair at Green Park Station has been a runnaway success"

Bath Life Magazine

BCAF at Green Park Station

Next Event

Sunday May 9th

Green Park Station


10am - 5pm

BCAF In Bath Life Magazine
Bath Contemporary Artists Fair - Rachel Wrightir -

Bath Contemporary Artists Fair 2021

Spring Summer Season

Sunday 11th April (Cancelled due to Covid19)

Sunday 9th May

Sunday 13th June

Sunday 11th July

Sunday 8th August

Autumn/Winter Season


Sunday 12th September

Sunday 10th October

Sunday 14th November

Sunday 12th December

Visitor Information

If you are an artist and want to take part in this fantastic new venture please apply here. If you wish to visit please see our visitors page for more information.

Poppies by Exhibitor Nancy Chambers

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BCAF - Bath Life

Bath Contemporary Artists Fair