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Bath Contemporary Artists' Fair is delighted to launch its second year of BCAF in Bath. We are committed to bringing the best of contemporary art from the city and beyond right to the heart of Bath, including fine art, photography, sculpture, textiles, ceramics and much more.



BCAF is primarily focused on promoting and supporting artists from all mediums by giving them the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work commission-free in an affordable way. Art fairs can be expensive (for the artist and the public) and tend to exist only annually. This can make the exposure limited and the costs prohibitive. BCAF is creating a regular space where the best selected national and international artists can network with other artists, share ideas, connect with the public and where the public can connect with art. 

We are a friendly team of experienced and qualified art professionals. A rich mixture of art event organisers, gallery owners, curators and artists, that have joined forces to create a project bringing quality original art to the community, promoting the city of Bath, but above all promoting the artist. 

Malachi Bogdanov


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